Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Challenging Times

Love is defined during challenging times. The different textures and layers of love are made more visible when a couple goes through the tough times together. It’s easy to love someone when there’s sunshine and rainbows outside; but when it’s rainy and cloudy, it’s hard enough to love yourself. So when two individuals who love each other can go through turbulent times and make it out the other end, that’s when love is truly made evident. 

The trying times brings out the character of the individuals, and the character of the relationship. The trying times brings out the flaws and the flavors, the attitudes and the adoration, the crazy and the creative. It brings out the best and worst qualities of our characters; therefore, those character traits are forced to work in overdrive to quickly work through the situation. In healthy relationships, this is where the love takes over. It’s in the dirt that beautiful flowers take form. 

The love stretches and twists to provide a covering over the shame, the guilt, the anger, the frustration, the pride.  The love is the only protection a relationship has from the outside forces and challenges. Without a strong love, the relationship is susceptible to destruction. Any weak link or crack is exposed during times of turmoil.

Love is also necessary during challenging times.  Love provides protection, but it also provides refuge. Sometimes love is the only escape from all the negativity brought on you and your relationship. When everything else around you is going wrong, you know that you can take solace in the fact that love will bring you out of the situation. 

Sometimes we baby love—try to shelter it from wear and weather. But love is strong and can endure the strain and stress you put it under. When a couple puts their love to the test, they are often surprised with the outcome—both good and bad.  Because when love is stretched and pull the core is exposed and you are able to see what is really behind the love…

Has your love been defined?...

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