Monday, March 21, 2011

My Version of Perfection

I dreamt about our wedding last night and it was so vivid and clear. I could clearly see the white dress I would be wearing. I could clearly see my mom helping me into my gown. I could clearly see myself walking down the aisle. But I could also see the tears running down my face when I realized I had forgotten a lot of little things for the wedding. I could clearly see that the gown I was supposed to wear for my reception was too big. I could clearly see that half my guest list was not in attendance…

I could clearly see that my perfect wedding was a perfect disaster. The wedding that I had planned for my whole life was going very badly—nothing was how I had wanted it to be. My dream wedding was becoming a nightmare. Until I saw you…

When I saw you, everything became okay. Every mistake, every flaw, every rough patch was made smooth. You comforted me, told me that it would be okay. You made everything that was wrong—right. In that instant, as I was standing by your side facing the minister, I knew that this was my dream.  Marrying you was my dream. All the other bells and whistles would come later, but right now you were what I needed.  I grabbed your arm and rested my head on your shoulder and breathed a sigh of relief and joy that you would always be there to comfort me and make things okay. You would always be there to catch me when I fell.

As the ceremony concluded and I became your wife, I was comforted by the thought that this was my version of perfection. Finally being united with the love of my life is as close to perfect as you can get. 

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