Friday, March 18, 2011

Mixed Emotions

My sunny days aren’t always sunny—there’s a cloud overhead. 
My joyful days aren’t always joyous—there a sadness that’s felt.
My loving days aren’t always loving—there is anger in my heart. 
My easy days aren’t always easy—life makes them hard. 
My beautiful days aren’t always beautiful—there is ugliness that’s real.  
My healthy days aren’t always healthy—there’s a sickness I feel. 
My stable days aren’t always stable—there’s turmoil within. 
My perfect days aren’t always perfect—there are flaws that come in.

But through the clouds, the sadness, anger and difficulty; through the ugliness, sickness, turmoil and flaws, there is still hope, still care and still adoration for you. 

The clouds last for a moment and then disperse to reveal the beautiful sunlight.  The sadness is fleeting and uncovers the deep affection and joy. The anger is momentary, but unearths the passion and love. Life is sometimes hard, but enables appreciation of the ease. The ugliness is temporary and builds the beauty that is permanent. The sickness comes on quickly and also leaves quickly to facilitate the health. The turmoil is inevitable and makes the stable days fresh. The flaws are expected, but make the perfection a goal!

The negativity that may come in from time to time only makes me more appreciative of the care, respect and admiration that are a constant cord running through the core of our relationship. 

“…Sometimes you have to go through the pain to experience the joy…”

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