Friday, March 25, 2011

Out of Control...But in a Good Way

You make my day—you make my day better, brighter and bigger. You have a way of seeping into my core and filling me up with joy. You permeate my being and cause me to explode with delight from the inside out.

And it’s the little things you do that cause me to feel so overwhelmed with joy.  It’s the way you send me little pictures and notes throughout the day. It’s the way you describe how beautiful I am to you. It’s the way you make me laugh—laugh so hard that I can’t control myself. Two days ago, I literally hit the car in front of me because I was laughing so hard about something you said.  My hysterical laughing while at the red light caused me to let my foot off the break a bit and roll into the car in front of me. Luckily it didn’t cause any damage to the person’s car, but this is what you do to me—you cause me to lose control. 

I feel out of control when I’m around you; like I’m operating purely on emotion as opposed to thought. I’m love drunk—I’m not making clear decisions. All the decisions I’m making are with my heart and not my head; which may be a good thing…

My heart experiences things deeper. It makes ordinary things seem superb, like a fantasy. My world when I’m with you is filled with unicorns and rainbows and care bears! Clouds in the shape of hearts are floating around in the sky and all day I just bounce around from one cushy surface to the next. 

You make my day better because I’ve finally allowed you to impact my days. I’m so glad I’ve finally opened my heart up to you because the wonder and glee I see and feel is something I would never want to escape. 

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