Friday, January 14, 2011

Refreshing, Awakening Love

This love I feel for you is new—it’s refreshing. Your love brings me joy. It’s hard to have a wall up with you, because your love does not tolerate that. Your love does not compromise. Your love does not come in second place and does not settle for consolation prizes. Your love is unapologetic and does not make excuses. Your love is thick and tangible; it is unavoidable. 

Your love covers and coats my heart like a thick blanket, providing a deep layer of protection from hurt, insecurity, doubt, fear, blame, worry and shame. Your love amazes me—it is so ALIVE. It awakens the love in me. Makes me want to love harder, deeper, greater; makes me want to love at a higher level than I’ve ever loved before.

Your love does not hide from the world. Your love does not compare itself to other love. Your love is honest and powerful. Your love does not stop; it does not falter and it does not waver. Your love can see through the defensive shield I put up to the vulnerable girl inside of me.  

Your love is unique, because it is genuine—it’s not a façade. It does not diminish based upon my income, attitude, emotions or appearance. Your love knows me, your love knows my intentions and your love knows my heart. 

Your love brings me joy because it is what I’ve been searching, waiting and hoping for…your love—your sweet, wonderful, amazing love—loves me!

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