Monday, January 3, 2011

Soul's Window

I’ve been reluctant to move from my single-girl post. I’ve been reluctant to put myself out there and be vulnerable again. The reluctance is driven by fear—fear of getting hurt again, fear of looking stupid, fear of falling too deep. The fear is gripping and palpable, but it is also superficial and fleeting. Fear can be conquered, overpowered with love…

“Soul’s Window”
The window of my soul
Opens to let in the pure love
Of something I’ve never known.

At first, the window is just cracked
Letting in a gentle breeze of blessings
Just enough to not close back.

Then, I open the window a bit more,
Which lets in the warmth of peace
A feeling that I want to explore.

Gradually, the window’s open halfway
But debris of tribulations enter.
These hardship are a small price to pay.

Finally, I open the window fully,
Which lets in the nature of holiness.
This entity I embrace freely. 

Eternally, the window will be open
To allow for the free flowing of love throughout
A joy that will always be obtainable within 

*photo by Tessa Hatlelid 

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