Monday, January 17, 2011

Breaking Through the Barricade

You continue to break down the barricade I have built.
You finally got through. You finally were able to pierce through the protective barricade around my heart and find the love. The love was swelling, pounding, throbbing against the walls of the barricade--looking, searching for any weakness in the fortress in order to break through. The love wanted so desperately to get out and reunite with you, but it was being held in, guarded so tightly that as much as it wanted to come out, it couldn’t penetrate the hold…

It needed help, a weapon, a potion, a cure—it needed YOU.  You were the cure—the only one who could break through the shield around my heart. You swooped in like “Lover Man” and stole my heart. Your secret weapon of affection caught me, covered me, clothed me, concealed me and kept me. Your powers were able to defend against the devices of the defensive, against the cleverness of the cowardly, and against the weapons of the weak. Your powers were able to counteract all my defense mechanisms.  

Your weapon of affection and love was the only thing that could truly capture and retain my love, my heart. You were able to find the love, because you were patient, you were gentle, you were accepting, you were diligent and you were unyielding. Once freed, my love felt protected, accepted, appreciated. It felt strong and ready to live life with you. 

You finally got through…now our love is united…let our life together begin!

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