Monday, January 31, 2011

I Know Our Love Is Real....And That's Good Enough For Me

I'm ready to shout it from the mountain tops...
It’s always a tricky situation when you get back together with your ex. It’s not enough to convince yourself that things have changed and are better (which is a feat in and of itself), but you also have to convince your friends and family that things have changed! I’m in the process of attempting to convince people right now; and either I’m not that convincing or they are not that forgiving. Whichever one it is, I’m failing. Therefore, they are failing to see the great MAN my ex is now, the great spiritual leader he has become and the great supporter he continues to be. They fail to see that I didn’t just slip and fall in love with him again, but that I intentionally, but helplessly, leaped into his arms and allowed him to love me and, in return, love him back.

But should I even be trying to convince anyone? Is it enough that I’m convinced that he has changed and I shouldn’t need to work to try to convince anyone else?

I need to be more confident in our love. I need to be more proud to call him my man. I need to stop feeling the need to defend our love and just working on developing our love. The thing is I’m extremely proud of him and see the potential in him; however, because I don’t feel like everyone else sees that, my declaration of love softens when I’m around other people. 

Starting today, I’m going to begin my journey of only speaking positively of our relationships. I only want to affirm our love instead of accommodate the emotions of others. Beginning today, I will stop convincing and start confirming. Confirm the fact that I’m in love, confirm the fact that he is the man I want to be with, confirm the fact that our love is real!

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