Monday, April 25, 2011

Trust Is a Must

Where did this lack-of-trust issue come from?
Trusting your mate is essential in a relationship. In fact, I refuse to be in a relationship where trust is an issue because it only leads to bigger issues of jealousy, lack of commitment and insecurities. 

But recently, trust issues have snuck into my relationship without warning, without permission, without warrant. This unwelcome visitor has added tension to my relationship and has introduced doubt. This tension then has a way of resurfacing any time any problem or issue is introduced that looks anything close to our unwelcomed visitor. 

This visitor really made its presence known this weekend when my boyfriend decided he needed to talk to me in that instant; however, the rest of the world had other plans. My boyfriend wanted to talk to me and it seemed as if any and everything possible was prohibiting him from doing so.

It all started when I decided to go to my mom’s house for the weekend. I always have poor reception in her house, so I truly feel like every time I go to my mom’s house, my boyfriend and I end up getting in an argument over the fact that we weren’t able to get a hold of one another. So, that was the first thing. Then, at the particular time that he was calling me, I was asleep; which really isn’t a factor because my phone never rang in the first place (because of the poor reception), but I thought I’d throw that in. Lastly, my phone froze (which I didn’t find out until after I woke up. So when I eventually went to call him, I was unable to dial out and had to restart my phone.

So between sleep, bad reception and computer glitches, the universe seemed to be saying it didn’t want us talking at that particular moment. I went with it, knowing that we would eventually get to talk. My boyfriend didn’t want to go with it; he wanted to talk to me. 

So when he finally was able to get in touch with me, he was mad and frustrated and thought the perfect blend of sleep, reception and glitches was a lie! I must admit, it does seem improbable; however, very true!

So here we are—in an instant, trust issues were introduced. If I would have known that, I might have woken up earlier or put my phone in a part of the house that has better reception. But since I can’t change the past, I will work on kicking out this unwelcome guest!

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