Friday, April 29, 2011

The Sun Is Shining

Photo by Robert Michie
The sun is shining…

You finally got it—you were finally able to see and understand what was needed to make our relationship bloom. You were finally able to see that time, energy and effort must go into the relationship in order for the relationship to bear fruits of love, joy and hope.

But in order for you to give time to the relationship, you needed time. You needed time to understand that long-distance didn’t mean long times of no communication. The distance should be a product of our physical proximity, not our emotional immediacy.  

The sun is shining…

I’m in like with the man you are. I’ve always loved you, but I truly like spending time with you and doing things together. I like how you make me laugh in the mornings with the crazy things you think of; I like how when I start singing a random song, you immediately join in; I like how you call me in the mornings to make sure I’m up. 

The sun is shining because you add light to my life. When your light penetrates my life, it makes my mood better, my perspective change and my disposition alter. 

The clouds rolled away last night to reveal your love. I had been frustrated, upset and confused, but in an instant, you let your love shine through and reveal to me that there’s no need for me to be any of those things. Your love lifted the frustration, eased the anger and simplified the confusion. Your love altered my emotions because I truly felt like you got it. You got that all I’m yearning for is your time and attention, which signals love to me. 

The sun is shining, because you took the time to let it shine…

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