Friday, April 15, 2011

The True Measure of Love

How do you measure love? Do you measure it by the number of times you say it? Do you measure it by the amount of nice things you do? Do you measure it by the amount of money you spend? Or is it immeasurable? Is it so abstract and undefined that you can’t put a number or quantity or percentage around it? I feel that you love me; therefore, it must be the case…

Whichever way you measure love, its faulty, it’s subjective. The measure of love is on a case-by-case basis; therefore, the way I express my love to one person and the way he receives that love may be totally different from the way another person receives that love. 

If there were an objective, universal way to measure love, I believe that would alleviate much tension in people’s relationships. If there were one way to express love, then couples wouldn’t have to guess whether or not the other person loved them as much or loved them at all; it would be transparentwhich is what most people want, a transparent love; a love you don’t have to guess or worry about. 

Transparency would enable blind love to see again. It would transform the battlefield of love into a playground. It would stop love from hurting and allow it to help. Transparency would take out the ugly side of love. 

However, in absence of having a magic wand to make everyone express love the exact same way, couples should start forcing transparency into their relationships. A healthy relationship should have a transparent love—a love that doesn’t play games, a love that is honest, a love that is unashamed. 

We can’t actually measure love, but we can make it so we don’t need to…

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  1. so very true,this is only one problem in our relationship,transparency in all he says he does or doesnt do would have helped! I ended it today,so reading this has been helping me come to terms with the fact that ; if after 13 years together, he doesnt know what to do, then im finished hurting,crying telling him....