Monday, April 18, 2011

Complications in my Fairytale

We've got a little work to do if we want to live happily ever after.
Love is not fair, and it is not easy. Love makes you work and even when you work for it, it still doesn’t always work out. Or if things are working out and everything seems fine, life still knows how to put a wrench in the relationship.  This wrench can be big or small—can be easily overcome or take years to conquer. This wrench is sometimes obvious and noticeable by others or it can be subtle, easily hidden.  

This wrench can tighten or loosen the joints of the relationship—the emotions.  The emotions that are present at every stage of a relationship can be affected by this wrench. This wrench has a lot of power—it can affect whether or not the relationship runs smoothly or not. 

Our wrench is physical proximity—when we are around each other, our relationship runs smoothly; but when we are away from each other, a lot of clogs and barriers get in the way. 

“...You don’t make enough time for me,” I say…

“...You don’t ever sound like you are happy to hear from me,” he says…

“...You don’t ever think of creative things for us to do over the phone,” I say…

“...I’m stimulating for physical interaction and I am unable to do 'me' when we are on the phone,” he says…

All of our excuses, all of our thoughts, all of our debates, anger, frustrations are fueled by the fact that we have this wrench in our relationship. 

Knowing that we can’t remove this wrench, we need to work on loosening the effects of the wrench. Love takes work and we are both willing to work at it until our wrench can be removed.  

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