Friday, February 4, 2011

I Can Wait, But I Really Don't Want To

Love is patient. Love waits while he tries to find the find the right career path. Love waits while he tries to find the right basketball shoes. Love is patient, but it is also very impatient. When it comes to the one you love, love waits and is understanding; but when it comes to the two of you being together or living happily ever after, love wants the future to be now. 

I’m in a long-distance relationship right now and it is agonizing. The distance between us seems much greater now than it has ever been, but our love for each other is also greater. There seems to be a direct link between love and proximity—the closer you grow as a couple; the closer you want to be as a couple. Right now we are in that “i-love-you-don’t-ever-leave-me" stage, but we are forced to express that love over the phone. I’m tired of that—we both are.

I’m tired of waiting to see him. I’m tired of waiting to be near him and kiss him.  When you are in love, you shouldn’t have to wait to demonstrate that. Much of love is about impulses and doing things you normally wouldn’t do in the name of love; but the distance between us is destroying the spontaneity. Everything we do must be planned. When I see him, I have to think about it a month in advance. When I want to give you something, I have to give the postal service a week lead time. If I’m feeling lonely, I must suppress it to you come.

Our love can only take this distance and space for so long—it’s aching to break through the limitations that have been placed on it and totally encompass one another.

Love’s patience is wearing thin…

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