Monday, December 27, 2010

Love's All-Encompassing Embrace

My heart is racing.
Faster and faster it beats,
And with every beat, I feel the heat
of your love surrounding me.
Surrounding me,
engulfing me,
grabbing me,
hugging me,
encompassing me…
Til I’m free—
free of the burdens,
the heartaches,
the pain,
the guilt,
the loneliness.
Free of myself,
 the insecurities and the doubt
Wrapped in his love
 ‘til all the hurt comes out
His love—his pure, amazing love
that releases the cares.
His sweet, unassuming love
          That is an answer to prayers.
It covers my heart
          With a coat of joy
Its thick shield of protection
          Blocks the noise.
Completely comfortable
          And saturated in your love.
It coddles and holds me like a glove.
The thought of your love causes my heart to race.
I’m fully entwined in love’s embrace.

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