Friday, December 24, 2010

Ready with an Open Heart

To be loved. To be loved. Oh, what a feeling to be loved! The feeling of being loved completely is something I’ve never experienced before. Anytime either I or he tried to make it past that door, circumstances stopped us—stopped us hard and fast. 

Love is a human need. I need love. I need to be loved, yet I was always being held back by nature—human nature. Why?  Because human nature told me that I shouldn’t give all of myself. Human nature told me that this couldn’t possibly last forever. Human nature told me that he was too good to be true. Human nature lied to me! Because I believed the lies, I was forced to stay and rest in the same stage; a stage called "complacency." I was forced to love but not fully, love but not completely, love but not all of me. 

I’m over that—I’m ready to love! My heart is open and ready to find yours!

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