Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love Found Me

I search for you in my dreams—just waiting for a glimpse of you among the jumble of images, characters and abstract beings:

~My Dream of You~
Love.  What a beautiful thing...and it found me. Love found me when I wasn’t looking. It found me at just the right time. A time when my heart was open, my mind was clear and my emotions were ready. It found me at a time when it knew it would have the biggest impact, make the biggest impressions!

Love was attached to you, this man whom I didn’t know, this man who I’ve never seen before, this man who has only existed in my heart. So when love found me, we found each other. We were reunited with ourselves. A piece of you was dwelling in my heart and a piece of me was dwelling in yours. So when love finally brought us together, my heart literally leapt out of me to be reunited with the piece of me that was with you. Like magnets, our hearts were immediately drawn to each other. We had no say, our minds had no time to react. It was such a natural instinct. If you’re dying of thirst and you see an oasis, the only thing to do is to drink. And so our hearts drank. They drank in the pure essence of love. Ahh…it felt so good—not just good but necessary. We needed each other’s love to survive. We were in survival mode and nothing could prohibit our hearts from reaching its final destination…not fear, not the past, not hurt, nothing could stop our souls from finding its mate.

So when love found me, I didn’t have a choice, and I didn’t want one. When love found me, the only thing to do was embrace it. Our hearts found each other before we’d even said “hello.” So by the time we were introduced, it seemed almost senseless. A mother doesn’t introduce herself to her new baby…no…because that baby has been with her, knows her. They already love each other. And that’s how we felt. We were in love before we even knew it, and it felt right. You felt right. You were everything I’d dreamt you’d be and you hadn’t said one thing about yourself. I just knew you encompassed everything I’d ever wanted in a man because you were mine. My man that was made just for me. My man that was designed to be my helper, my friend, my lover…

So as we walked toward each other and began to interact, it was like I was talking to my best friend. Things you told me, I already knew; things you did, I knew you’d do. We could reach each other’s thoughts because they were our own. We were two hearts separated at birth whose only mission in life was to reunite with our missing part. So as our hearts found each other and drew our bodies closer and closer, we knew we had just accomplished our mission in life.  With each step we took, our love for each other swelled. There was comfort in you, passion in you, shelter in you. I looked at you and knew the rest of my life had an answer. All the questions, the worry, the anxiety, the uncertainty had an answer. You were that answer. You were love and you found me!

I feel like staying asleep forever just so I can be with you… 

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