Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now I Know What I Want

He's at the center of my thoughts...even in my dreams.
Every time I talk about you I want to be back together with you. Every time I relive our time together, I want to be back together with you. As I’m writing these words, I want to call you and tell you I love you and never stopped loving you. 

I search for you in my dreams—just waiting for a glimpse of you among the jumble of images, characters and abstract beings. In the midst of the haze, you reveal your face. Our love is so strong, so vivid, so real in my dream that I awake thinking, feeling, hoping that you will be lying next to me. I feel like staying asleep forever just so I can be with you. 

I get a taste of your pure, unadulterated love and I immediately succumb to your spell. I’m in—all in. I want you. I want you back and I’m not afraid to say it!

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