Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Chance at Love?

Can we put it all behind us? Should we? *
Here I am at this crossroads with my ex. He hurt me…I hurt him. Now we’re even…right? Is that how it works? Eye for an eye? That seems like a somewhat barbaric proposition for two people who once loved each other. Nevertheless, it is reality, and somehow it does make our situation a little easier.  

I had such a thick shield up. I felt like I had the upper hand with him because he hurt me! But after I evened the score, there was no room for pride…only humility. With humility came appreciation; with appreciation came love. That is the sequence of emotions I felt once I allowed myself to acknowledge that he really didn’t hurt me on purpose. On the same token, he realized I didn’t purposefully hurt him either. Both of us were acting out of “survival mode.” Unfortunately, sometimes in the midst of trying to take care of yourself, you have no room to take care of other people. So we hurt each other. Done. Now what? That’s what we are trying to figure out…

*Image by Alexander Redmon

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