Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Irony of Love

I’m sick. Literally sick over what I’ve done to you; to us. I’m in love with you…fully, deeply, completely and I treated you like shit! I treated you like shit, because I wanted you to feel the same way I did when we broke up. I subconsciously wanted you to feel hurt, betrayed and rejected. So that’s what I did--I hurt you, I betrayed you and I rejected you. But I also love you. So as I was doing those things to you, I was also doing them to myself. I was hurting, betraying and rejecting any future with you.  

I always thought he was lying when he said he never meant to hurt me, but now I know how he felt. It wasn’t my intention to hurt him; nevertheless, I did.

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  1. This is nice Brooke!! Definitely expresses where I was going in my relationship initially in the get-back-together phase! I wanted him to hurt so badly like I did.... but thankfully he jerked me out of that and most importantly i realized how childish it would be to mess up something great... thanks for the entry... Jenny