Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spiritual Journey: Day 3

It's Day 3 of our journey and we are already starting to feel closer and more in-tune with each other.  Just the fact that we both know that the other person is striving to make our relationship stronger and richer, is making our love more intense. 

We enjoy talking to each other even more because we are excited to hear what the other person has been learning in terms of the next phase of our relationship. 

This morning we were on the phone and I asked him how he was feeling about our relationship. He said two things: 1) I feel like I want to be near you every day, 2) I feel like I want to buy you are ring.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he wants to buy me a ring! Now, don’t get too excited, I don’t know when this ring would come or how it’s going to come. But just the fact that he is preparing for that is exciting!

So we both know we want to be with each other, and we both know we want that sooner rather than later. But we are still trying to figure out the how. How are we going to be together? How are we going to quit our jobs to live near each other? How are we going to sacrifice our current lifestyles?

But the biggest “how” is How could I ever live my life without him in it? That “how” only has one answer, I can’t.  I can’t live my life without him, so whatever sacrifices he or I need to make in order for that to happen, will need to be made. 

It's Day 3 of our journey and I already feel good about where we are. I still have a ton of questions, but I can take comfort in the fact that no matter the answer, I know he is somewhere in it…

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