Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Journey

I woke up this morning with you on my mind. You’re always on my mind, but today was sublime…

I was thinking about our future together and when that would start. When you would have all of me, and not just my heart. 

It’s tiring living life as we do. I go day to day without seeing you.

I know this frustrates you, I can hear it in your tone. I know that sometimes you feel so alone.

We’re in love with each other, but from afar. This life without each other has been so hard. 

I try to find comfort and hope in what will be—knowing that this present state won’t be our destiny.

You are an amazing man, everything you give. With you, I know a happy life is one I’ll always live. 

You satisfy every part of me, filling me throughout. The way you love and cherish me, stifles any doubt.

You are a confidant, my supporter and my friend. You are someone with whom I’ve come to depend. 

You are in love with me, but you’re more in love with the Lord. Your love in Christ is where your love for me is stored.

You do things far and above what is needed. You fill me up in areas that had once been depleted.

You are not just a friend to me, you are also my man. My heart, my body, my mind are all in your hand.

I love the responsible man you have become. You are not just my boyfriend, you may be the one!

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