Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Am I Being Irrational or Reasonable?

Sometimes I act crazy, but I cannot stop myself from acting that way. I feel myself being irrational and acting unfairly, but I cannot control those feelings and actions. I get so frustrated with him over things that I would not care about if other people did the same thing. 

I probably treat him unfairly, but I’m not sure if it’s unreasonable. If he is going to be my future husband, then shouldn’t I have higher expectations for him? Or since he is going to be my future husband, should I give him the benefit of the doubt more often? 

I’ll let you be the judge…was I acting irrationally or reasonably?

Last night, I called my boyfriend after work to talk to him about my day. I had a particularly stressful day and wanted to vent to him. We talked for a moment, but I was around other people, so I told him I would call him back in four minutes once I got in the car.  He said "OK."  When I got in the car, I called him and he didn’t answer. I got to my destination; I called answer.  Forty-five minutes later when he finally called me back, I was busy. But I answered anyway and ask what had happened to him, and that I had really needed to talk to him. He said he had other phone calls and things…

Normally, having other phone calls and not calling me back right away would be fine, but when he knew that I was upset and needed to talk to him, shouldn’t he had made himself available?! Am I being unreasonable for wanting my man, my friend, my helpmate to be available to me when I need him? Or maybe I’m being unreasonable by expecting him to drop everything in order to be at my side in a moment’s notice.

Am I being irrational or reasonable?

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