Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Letter to My Future Husband

I thought on this day it would be fitting to share my love letter to my future husband…

…my daydream of us …

I’m in the midst of peace and serenity and all I can think about is you. Life is perfect—beauty all around—but I still want you. I want to spend this perfect moment with you. The wind kisses my skin and I wish it were you. I breathe in the night air—pure and sweet—and I dream of your naturally exotic scent; a scent that only I can smell. A scent that is released when you are around the one you love. A scent that was made for me that perfectly complements my scent and together makes a perfect blend of the sweetest berries mixed with the richest vanilla and a touch of the purest chocolate. A scent that’s sweet enough to eat; which is all we want to do. We can’t keep our hands off each other—or should I say our tongues off each other.

Our passion is honest—honesty in its most innocent form. A passion that doesn’t apologize, a passion that doesn’t pretend, a passion that knows no restraint. A passion that is limitless!

In this most serene moment, I’m thinking about you because I know you are thinking about me. It’s in the solitude that God allows our souls to touch. In that purest moment, the feeling that you are thinking of me in that exact moment is visceral.

I stare into the night sky seeking your face. Praying God will give me a glimpse of you, somehow he will outline your beautiful face in the constellations.  With the twinkle of every star, I picture you winking at me.  As if there is a secret that only you and I know—this ultimate secret that allows us to be in each other’s presence without uncovering each other’s identity.

I love you whom I’ve never met. I’m in love with who I know you will be. I hear the waves crashing on the shore and I listen for your voice. I listen for you to tell me you love me too. I faintly hear you tell me you’ve always loved me, you always will love me and for me to never doubt your love for me. With each wave, your love for me is confirmed. I whisper under my breath, “I love you too!”

I’m in the midst of peace and serenity and nature reminds me that you are with me. The wind is your touch, the foliage is your scent, the stars are your face, and the waves are your voice. You share every moment with me—all moments are perfect because they are moments with you. All moments are blissful because you’ve expelled the pain. All moments are passionate because you exude love.

Tears form in my eyes as I think about your love for me. A knot forms in my throat thinking about what you’ve already done for me. You’ve given me hope that my endless love does exist.

…two hearts that beat as one…our lives have just begun...

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