Monday, October 18, 2010


Today I’m at peace with myself—I’m not dictated by the past.  I’m not controlled by the pain.   

Eyes wide shut, but senses heightened
Total peace and serenity
Not a care in the world, my heart’s content
From now until eternity.

Inhale the warmth of bliss, ever quenching
Exhale the troubles of life
Feeling like a new creature, new beginning
A virgin to pain and strife.

Unceasing joy upon my face, a constant gleam
A twinkle in my eye
Sunshine seeping from my pores, all-consuming
A never-ending supply. 

Love emitting from my spirit, overflowing
A tangible gift from above
Feeling beauty, splendor, and glee—amazing
All-encompassing like a glove. 

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