Friday, October 29, 2010

Bittersweet Rejection

Rejected. I was rejected by him once again. And who is “him”? It doesn’t really matter who “him” is this particular time, because “him” represents all of them: all the men who have rejected me, either directly or indirectly, purposefully or mistakenly, temporarily or permanently. All the men whom I’ve allowed to make me feel rejected, less than and unwanted. All the men whom I’ve given power to—treating them as gods who are able to control my mood, actions and thoughts. All the men who were just doing what they were brought into my life to do—teach.  

Teach me what I don’t want in a man, teach me what I won’t put up with, teach me how not to act in a relationship, teach me that “him” is not the one! It’s a blessing that “him” continued to reject me because it gave me the time needed to love me, value me, know me. Through rejection came cultivation. So when “him” finally becomes you, I will be fully ripened and matured, ready to love completely. My rejection today is my gratification tomorrow!

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