Monday, October 11, 2010

My Truth

Truth—my life is dictated by it.  The desire to be “real” literally controls my actions, my words, my motives, ME.  I always took pride in being the “truth teller” (as I came to be called in college)—there weren’t many situations that would arise where I didn’t feel comfortable speaking what was on my mind.  My words were free-flowing—I couldn’t be tamed.  I was a babbling brook, my thoughts pouring out in a stream of unsolicited honesty.  The only person I wasn’t honest with was myself—not just any part of myself, but “the me” that showed up in relationships, particularly guy/girl relationships.  I was lying to myself, telling myself whatever I needed to in order to not expose myself to him, to not be vulnerable.  “I will never cry over a man,” “I will not fall too deep too quickly,” “I will not say I love you first.” –all things I would tell myself in order to not get hurt.  Well, the thing is while I was trying so hard to not get hurt, I was inadvertently hurting him and the relationship.  No more!  Join me in my journey to finding and exposing the truth—my truth—about relationships!

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