Friday, October 15, 2010

I Am the Shit

Today I woke up—or should I say I remembered?  I remembered who I was—remembered the beauty I possess. Remembered that my beauty was not defined by a man, not defined by my friends and not defined by society. My beauty is defined by me. Today, I say “I am beautiful.” (Thanks, Christina Aguilera!). Every once in a while, you need a day where you wake up and say “I am the shit.”—this is one of those days. 

The reality is females are gradually losing a sense of the beauty that makes a woman, a woman. A woman is intelligent, intuitive, observant, wise, nurturing, strong and powerful.  That’s the beauty of being a woman—we have power! So, today, I’m totally embracing my beauty and my power—will you join me? “By our powers combined….”

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