Friday, November 12, 2010

Defining My Love Standards

Are my standards too high?
I want to be loved—I do. But I also want to love back. It’s not enough for someone to love me completely and unconditionally; I want to love him with the same depth and certainty. My desire to be loved does NOT outweigh my standards of love.

This begs the question:  What are my “standards of love,” and should I even put standards on love? I was out to dinner with friends the other night and they said I was putting unrealistic limitations on my love life. I was inhibiting myself, getting in my own way, cock-blocking myself! They indicated that because I have three requirements in a man—tall, athletic and considerate—that I am narrowing down “my fish” to ten eligible bachelors. However, I see it differently.  I agree that I may be narrowing down the playing field, but I’m okay with that because at least those ten people would be just for me! I know myself pretty well, and I know that if I lower my standards in order to get a man, I won’t fully and completely love that man once I get him. And what am I lowering my standards for…to make my friends happy? I’m perfectly content in the state I’m in…I’m taking care of myself and learning to truly, deeply love myself. When the time is right, someone will love me and I will unconditionally love him (I just hope that “right time” is while I’m still able to bear children)!

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