Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally on the Same Page

I wonder what the rest of this story holds...
We are on the same page, we are reading the same book, we are telling the same story.
My boyfriend and I are finally seeing eye to eye in our relationship.  I finally understand where he is coming from and he finally gets what I’ve been feeling.

We are becoming one in Christ and because we are letting Him become our foundation, things are clicking.  We understand each other because God allows us to understand each other. 

We just had a wonderful weekend together and it was focused on all the right things. We were in tuned with each other and in tuned with God.  That intermingling of spirits truly allowed us to love.  Our spirits were finally connected, which was the last and final thing that needed to come together. 

My boyfriend and I had connected mentally at first,  then physically, then emotionally…we needed our spirits to be one.

We’ve finally united and it’s a beautiful space to be in.  This space is filled with purpose, with meaning, with destiny.  We are predestined to be in this moment at this time—we don’t know what’s going to come our way or what’s about to happen , but we are ready to face it together.  

Life is funny—it can be fair and unfair at the same time.  It can throw hurdles your way while also giving you learning lessons.  My relationship with my boyfriend has been a learning lesson.  It has taught me perseverance, it has taught be patient, it has taught me humility, it has taught me selflessness, it has given me confidence, and it has taught me how to love.   

I patiently awaited a real love, a deeper love, a fulfilling love and I finally got it…we are finally in sync!

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