Friday, August 5, 2011

Where's the Passion?

What happens when the passion fades in a relationship?  What happens when there’s no more excitement, no more thrill, no more “pizzazz.”  What happens when you stop putting in time to really please your mate? 
What happens is…your relationship gets dull, gets stale, gets boring!

I’m desperately attempting to save my relationship from getting boring.  I feel it going down that path and I refuse to let it continue.  I refuse to be in a relationship that doesn’t have any passion.  I need to have passion toward my man and he needs to be passionate about me…

But recently, my man has lost his “mo-jo.”  He doesn’t have as much game as he used to.  He used to sweep me off my feet.  He used to do little things for me to surprise me.  He used to catch me off guard. 

Now, he surprises me by how boring he has gotten.  He’s not creative anymore or spontaneous. I know he still loves me deeply but we are starting to act like an old married couple instead of a young, vivacious in-love couple.   

I want the world to know we are in love.  And, right now, if someone looked at us, they would think we are friends who kind of liked each other. 

That’s not good enough for me.  I need “wow,” I need “pop,” I need magic. 

So now the question becomes, “how do I put the magic back into my relationship?” 

I need help figuring that one out…

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