Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can You Ever Be Too Truthful?

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The truth about my relationship: My boyfriend is being too truthful!
They say “honesty is the best policy.”  In general, I agree with “them,” but there are times when being honest doesn’t actually help the situation. 

I was blissfully unaware of a few things my boyfriend had been doing (don’t worry, he wasn’t cheating on me), but this afternoon he had decided to come clean about some of his extra-curricular activities and behaviors.  None of these confessions contained information that directly impacted me, so when he decided to get these things off his chest, I was unaffected.  I was glad that he felt better; that there was a burden lifted from him, but other than that, I could have done without the information. 

It’s not that I don’t care or that I am heartless, but I have so many other things that do directly affect my life, that I don’t want to give energy to this situation.  Basically, I need to put things in perspective and I don’t want to over-react to this situation.  There are so many other negative things that he could have confessed that when he said what he said I almost chuckled. 

In a world with cheating and men on the down low and illegal activity, what he shared with me was the least of my concerns!

If nothing else, the honesty that he showed this afternoon told me that he really cares about me and wants me to be a part of every aspect of his life—good and the bad.  It’s one step closer toward trusting him and loving him more, which enables me to continue to let my guard down and be vulnerable with him. 

So they say honesty is the best policy…but they also say ignorance is bliss…who wins?


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