Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling and Connection

My Truth about Relationships: More feeling and less thinking!

I realized tonight that I have been doing much thinking in my relationship and not as much feeling.  I was talking with another couple, and they were discussing how they feel spiritually connected.  Not "spiritually connected" in the cliche' kind of way, but truly connected in the kind of way where they actually feel what the other one is feeling.  They feel the energy of the other one and literally take on the emotion that the other one is feeling.

After I got past the "really?" stage, I actually thought what the couple was describing was beautiful and decided that was what I want to have with my boyfriend.  Over the time that my boyfriend and I have been dating, the deep feelings have faded to more of a dull touch.  This is not to say that we don't love each other, but it is to say that we have allowed the passion to decline.  But what I learned from this couple is that passion does not have to decline.  Passion is a choice. It is a choice because it stems from being open, being vulnerable, being honest, being real, being YOU.  A person must choose to be all those things and trust that their partner will reciprocate.  It's once both people are choosing to be raw that passion reveals itself.

I'm ready to rekindle my passion, but I'm also a bit uncomfortable with "going all in."  I'm a bit uncomfortable with really exposing myself to my boyfriend.  He obviously knows me, but I'm talking about exposing the things that I second guess saying to him; the things that I second guess doing.

Join me on my journey toward getting comfortable with feeling.


  1. the good things in life wait only for the daring peaple to take them, am afraid if you dont dare! you might miss out on them


    1. You're right Lyric! I have to go all in in order to really live life...thanks for the advice!

  2. I thought this blog was interesting. Yes, passion is a choice and you have to make sure your heart is all in it. I know it's hard sometimes to reveal all of you to someone else because you may be afraid that the feeling won't be reciprocated. We all have a small fear inside regarding our feelings and how they will be viewed but unless you take that jump, you will never know... I love your blogs by the way!


  3. Psychology Of Relationships very important things.
    sometimes even if you don't trust yourself, trusting in other can helps you. It calls relationships.

  4. When it comes to an love or any relationships, the feeling & connection is more important. Any one had to compromise any how, forgive, respect etc this is called as an real relation.

    Thank You,
    Johny Santangelo

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  7. Someone once told me that love isn't about looking deeply into each others' eyes. It's about looking in the same direction. Magnetic dating gave me the direction.. :)

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